Super strong Carbon Fiber 3D printed parts

Professional results ready to be used as end-user product or for prototyping.
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The Onyx Pro fiberglass 3D printer combines industrial quality with affordability.

Build Volume
320 mm x 132 mm x 154 mm
Layer Height
100 μm
We can print your STL files up to 320 mm x 132 mm x 154 mm.
Send us your design file, and we send back a quote for prototypes or small production series.

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The base material is ONYX which are carbon particles. Outer layers can be reinforced with continuous fiber layers from within the Eiger software. While the internal structure is using a honey-corn pattern.

Here are some examples of printed products:
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The result is a super strong part and very light part which cannot be bent by hand. This example is a V-plate to hold professional camera's on a tripod.
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Example 2: Housing for a Wireless CCU to be mounted on a lightstand:
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Example 3: Housing for a Pan/Tilt camera. The front and sides where 3D-printed. The top-part consists out of two parts which are pushed together.
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