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FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions
- State of the art Timecode generator
- RF sync with TX buddies
- Wifi Sync with iPhone & iPad
- Genlock output (master)
- Battery powered or by D-Tap power cable
The RF range between Timecode Buddy devices is around 150m line-of-sight.
The WiFi range is the standard wireless range of 30m to a iOS device or laptop.
The Timcode Buddy can join wireless networks to extend the range.
Or it can run as Ad-Hoc, to create on-site network for the iOS devices to join in.
Yes, the Timecode Buddy has an internal web server.
With a laptop one can browse to the internal webpages to make settings.
On the iPhone or iPad one can browse to the web server or start the settings from within the Movie-Slate App.
There is even an internal help manual available!
The new firmware of the Master module has now extra code to auto generate timecode when the signal is lost.
It auto-locks again on the incoming signal of the TX module as soon as a stable connection is established again.
The Timecode Buddy devices read/generate SMPTE LTC Timecode on the BNC connector or the Lemo connector.
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User Stories

"I use the Timecode Buddy: system not quite daily but an awful lot.

For the first time timecode sync has become simple and the Timecode Buddy: system has injected sexy into an otherwise mundane but critical part of our craft.

My DP's refer to the blue lights as 'camera bling' – it's a rare moment when I don't hear complaints regarding hanging a bit of gear on their cameras.

As far as performance, it's hands down the best system on the market.
Intuitive, flawless... the way it ought to be."

Thom Shafer - Production Sound Mixer
"Entering my field after attending University was characterized by the DSLR craze and often the majority of projects consisted of micro budgets - certainly nothing substantial enough to warrant additional costs for expensive timecode related products.

With Timecode Buddy, I was delighted at the thought of finally having a professional yet affordable solution. A solution that will perform just as solidly on a feature film as on micro budget docs, commercials and promos."

Jonah Guelzo - Production Sound Mixer/Sound Designer

Read more about Jonah's Timecode Buddy experience on feature film 'Finding Faith'.
"Like some people in the industry I was initially wary of a new timecode workflow. However, having owned my Timecode Buddy: system for some months now it is my opinion that Timecode Systems has revolutionised the world of timecode and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I have used my TCB's on everything from single camera interviews (shot on DSLR / C300's) to multi-camera reality shows and have received nothing but praise from my clients.

They love how quickly they can set up at the start of each day (no longer do I need to spend valuable time syncing each unit), its integration with MovieSlate App (for accurately logging shots) as well as the money they save when post production need to sync shots filmed on DSLR cameras with other timecoded footage.

The really exciting thought is this is just the beginning of the timecode revolution. Will I be buying more? You bet "

Matt Bacon - Sound Supervisor & Recordist